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Will I lose my license?

Asked by lindseyky (3points) November 27th, 2008

I was driving back to school after a weekend home. I was caught speeding on the Cumberland parkway, many people may have not heard of it but it is deserted. I was caught doing 26mph over the speed limit. I admit I screwed up but I have a spotless record. What will they do to me when I have to appear in court? How should I plead?

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This might help..17 answers to the same question you asked recently.

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none of those answers have anything to do with what I should plead? and I go to court tomorrow!

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Tell the truth and plead guilty; mention your clean record, bring a check, ask if the judge will not enter the event on your record, bite the bullet and pay the fine. Dress conservatively, be polite and soft-spoken. The judge will have seen a thousand such cases and will probably have indigestion, to boot.

Good luck.

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Chances are, you will not lose your license, you’ll just get points on it. In Kentucky, 26 mph over the speed limit is 6 points. If you plead guilty, you’ll probably just pay the fine and accept points on your license. If you plead not guilty, you should get a lawyer (try something like Traffic Law Center if you don’t have a lawyer already). If they’re going to suspend your license, they’ll let you know.

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Don’t plead guilty. Plead not guilty and ask the cop or DA or Judge if there’s any chance to reach a plea bargain, to bring the charge down to a non-moving violation.

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Plead no contest. That’s not exactly admitting guilt. It just means you are leaving it up to the judge. Sorry, but you’ll just have to take your lumps and know to drive slower next time. Good luck.

@MrItty I’m curious. how could someone get a non- moving violation for speeding? it seems to me that speeding is movving.. too fast! Not trying to be smart assed here, I’d really like an answer to this.

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The same way someone who commits 1st degree murder can get it plead down to manslaughter. You make a plea bargain with the district attorney. You agree to plea guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for not putting up a defense for the actual charge.

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Yah, go into court and talk to the prosecutor. It MIGHT be worth hiring a lawyer to help you out with it, or at least taking someone familiar with how the system works. Basically though as said before you’ll get an offer for a plea bargain, which is where they offer to charge you with some lesser crime if you don’t take it to trial (as trials cost them lots of money). For example, I was hit with a wreckless op and no front license plate some months back, it was total BS so i fought it and they offered me a plea bargain of “backing without care.” Wreckless op was 6 points, backing without care was 2. (for the record I turned it down, took it to trial and won cuz it was totally ridiculous). But yah get a plea bargain.

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Ohhhh btw, 6 points is usually where they start to take away your license (or at least it is in Ohio). Not 100% on it, but it’s a definite possibility. With a spotless record though you might be lucky.

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