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How can I start making homebrew games? (specifically for the DS)

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) November 28th, 2008

I have had no experience with coding or making any kind of software. But I’d really like to try it. How can I get started?

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Join forums like gbatemp or ndshombrew and ask around.. those guys will tell you anything and everything you need to know :D

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Yea, obviously you know something because R4 was a tag here. You might look into something like RPG maker and see if there’s a version for the DS. It allows you to formulate a RPG plot without a lot of coding experience.

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The r4 is amazing, lol. And here’s a good site for you, check it out.

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On the note of R4, I prefer CycloDS

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I prefer the supercard SD because it takes memory I already have laying around.

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I love my r4. What’s the difference between them all?

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The R4 has a battery that will eventually run out. That’s what powers your save slot when you turn the DS off. The supercard actually puts the saves on the SD card so even if you put the DS in a closet for 2 years, your save games will still be there.

I haven’t heard of CycloDS before now so I can’t really speak on it.

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Umm my saves save on the as card I have .save files all over my sd card

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Wow, I see you’re right.

I read this on a card advertising the R4 Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip

They use to save to an onboard chip and loose save games just like I specified up there. I didn’t realize they didn’t do that anymore. Thanks for the information.

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You’re welcome. God that would SUCK if it was battery, I definitely would NOT have bought it if it did that!!

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I prefer the AceKard 2i.

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what you need is r4 card and tf card to enjoy homebrew games.

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