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Anyone having a 'http status code 0' in transmission 1.40?

Asked by rainsmoker (110points) November 28th, 2008

i’ve updated my macbook and somehow all of my torrents are giving me this goddamn ‘tracker request failed / http status code 0’’ error and i’ve stopped downloading!!! help!

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Same problem here. It seems to be worst with torrents tracked by the pirate bay. But they do eventually start. Sometimes it takes thirty minutes to an hour for them to get going.

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most of mine are torrents which are supposed to be secure and private. still, i have a couple from mininova and piratebay and none of them are working either goddamn it!

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According to my television, Macs never have networking problems.

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I just tried a torrent with Transmission and got the error. Then I used uTorrent on the same torrent and it started in about five seconds. Something is funky with Transmission.

Luckily you can point another client to where you have Transmission set to download and it should finish off where Transmission left off. But you will need to download the torrent file again. But it is better than downloading the entire file again.

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wtf!? i was downloading azureus to check waht @omph said and suddenly i noticed transmission was showing some activity… all of my torrents are downloading again! ...weird

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It looks like this is a known problem. Link

It is reported that this got fixed in the nightlies.

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I will confirm that it has been fixed in the nightlies.

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@omph: yes, i read some threads about this issue in tac and transmission forums. i hadn’t run into the nightlies build… i hope it helps, thanks a lot dude!

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yess! it works! build 7167 does the trick. anyone having this problem, download it here

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grrr! now the status code 0 is gone but i’m not transferring data at all! no uploads or downloads… this is sad. i’ll probably try vuze and compare results.

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