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Why is my Boot Camp installation freezing when I try to install Windows?

Asked by nikipedia (27818points) July 12th, 2010

Trying to install Boot Camp on a new MacBook Pro at work. Hard drive appears to be successfully partitioned. When the computer reboots to install Windows (an old XP Professional upgrade disk), it freezes at the screen that asks if I want to install, repair an installation, or quit installation and I have to reboot.

The weird thing is, I used the same disk to install Windows via VirtualBox on the same machine. So I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the disk?

Any brilliant ideas out there on what could be going wrong with this installation?

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I think it’s because you’re using an upgrade disk. To check, try inserting the CD into another PC machine and see if you encounter the same problem.

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@mhl12: That’s what I thought, but it worked fine for VirtualBox.

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From what I’ve read online, you need a full version of Windows to do a clean install on Bootcamp. I haven’t used VirtualBox so I’m not sure how it works around that.

If you have a Windows XP Home or even an Windows 98 disc, you can use the XP Professional upgrade, I think.

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