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Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) November 28th, 2008

That is the 5,000th time my computer has made that noise.
Here’s the story:
I threw a barring in my MacBook Air and took it to the Apple Store for a warrenty repair (which I hate doing. I usually fix all my own stuff.) Anyway, I get it back, everything is fixed and pretty, I bring it home, spin up the fans and everything is working okay. But then about an hour later I am here, on Fluther, writing a respounce, when my computer made this strange, zipp-ping-ping-beep noise. Like some kind of sensor recored something, then beeped to let me know. The Mac has never done this before, on any of my computers, and I am wondering what it is, or if you guys have ever had anything like this happen?
The Apple Store says that there is nothing wrong, and I can’t recreate it to show them, not without sitting around typing for hours on end. The Geniuses say that it is probably one of my programs… I know it is not because the noise comes from the back of the Air. So far nothing seems to be broken by this, and my CPU and RAM don’t report any kind of errors or anomalies, so I am not concerned, but I hate that damn noise, it get annoying… VERY annoying.

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My MacBook makes that noise when I do something that the computer cannot register. I cannot think of a specific example right now. There is nothing wrong with my computer.

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I am just wondering if it is a product of something that Apple turned on, or added, or if it should have been doing that all along and that is why my barring went to poop.

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Could it be the hard drive starting up? Mine makes a similar noise whenever I’m either a) just starting it up or b) making it “think” after a lengthy downtime. It also does it at intervals when I’m not using it, but it’s on.

Of course, my zipp-ping-ping-beep could be a totally different zipp-ping-ping-beep than yours.

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True. I am trying to gather as much info and options as possible, that way I may be able to recreate it for the guys at Apple Store.

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The fans or the harddrive. It might also be the speakers, but i guess you checked that allready. Does this happen often?

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It seems to only be happening when the Air gets super hot. I noticed something else, too. I don’t hear the fan come on at full strength, as it did before the repair. This could be because it was never supposed to be that loud, or, that might be the reason for the noise. I continue to study this odd, annoying noise.

EDIT: It’s really more like a screeching noise, really fast and really loud, like a HDD actually crashing and driving the heads into the disk, but faster and shorter.

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Download speedfan :D Monitor your temp and see when it’s making that noise.

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Unfortunately I have a Mac, and the only emulation software I am using is CrossOver, which hates running any app that isn’t a game. I still gave lurve for the response though!

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speedfan isnt the only software, there is something else for OS X, Fan Control i dont think it will be the fan though, it might be the hard drive.

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I really think it is the fan, because it only happens when the computer gets hot and the sound comes from the exact area the main fan is located, and the one that threw the barring. That is why I am thinking that Apple forgot to remove some tape or didn’t add some tape, or something, causing it to shriek like that.

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Awe well thank you. And yeah, that happened to me with my desktop (not a mac tho) checking the temp and fan speed helped. I swear my comp almost melted. I shut it off, cleaned the LINT out of both fans, left the case off and had my box fan on and facing the comp. It shuttup after that.

Oh and it wasn’t exactly my comp that did this. It was my boyfriends while he was away for work. He’s lucky I’m smart and maybe a little bit 1337, haaaa.

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Tell them to do what you do with it to replicate the issue. If they won’t do that, take it right up on the chain to management. If it’s under warranty it’s the Apple Store “Geniuses” responsibility to fix it and make it like it was without the noise.

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