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Do I have to be 18 to get work done on my macbook at the Genius Bar?

Asked by mtrom92 (1points) February 19th, 2010

The light for the screen on my macbook has not been working properly. I went to the apple store with my mom twice and they had her sign a paper because I am not 18. My macbook still hasn’t been fixed and I was wondering if I could go without her.

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Try calling the store. They should have an answer for you.

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My guess would be that you would need to be 18 because you would have to leave the computer with them in the store, which would require you to sign a contract that you are getting the work done. In order to sign a legally binding contract, you need to be at least 18.

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True, but they signed a legally-binding contract to perform certain services in order to get paid. They still haven;t fulfilled their end, so if the kid is just a delivery agent for the person that actually signed the (as-yet unfulfilled) contract, it’s moot.

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Yes, you have to be 18. This situation came up the other day. As @jerv and @buckyboy28 said, being under 18, nothing you sign is legally binding.

To pick up, yes, you need her, because you’ll have to sign for receipt of the MB and completion of the work, regardless whether it was a free repair or not. Bring her and the Genius Bar paper they gave you when you dropped it off. They’ll have you sign another document, and give you an unsigned copy of that same document, along with your computer.

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