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Anyone had issues with maxtor external hds?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) August 29th, 2007

My external hd won’t start on my computer now. I’ve googled and I can’t find anything. Basically my computer sees it in the device manager, but when I try to run it, it says “device failed to start.” I tried updating the drivers, but there aren’t any available. Any suggestions?

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does it even show up as a drive?

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Is this a Maxtor branded external hard drive? Or is it a Maxtor internal hard drive that you’ve put into an external USB enclosure?

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It doesn’t show up as a drive. When I look at it in device manager it has says “USB Mass Storage Device” and the icon has a little error icon.

It’s a maxtor one touch external hd, not an internal.

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I just wanted to clarify because I’ve had issues with my external enclosures not working properly because I didn’t have the drive jumpered properly.

Do other USB devices work alright on your machine?

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Other usb devices work fine. I have also tried it in every usb port on this computer.

I have also just learned that it is a problem with my machine, as it works fine on my roommate’s computer.

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If you are in Windows XP, try the following:

1) Right click on my computer
2) From the menu that appears, choose manage
3) Look down the left column and choose the Disk Management node

Verify whether or not the disk shows up here. You might also see some more descriptive error messages pertaining to the disk.

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try calling up dell support

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@webarnold it doesn’t show up in this list.

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Can you try installing new drivers for your computer’s chipset? This should cover new USB drivers too for your motherboard. I’ve had this help me with malfunctioning USB devices in the past.

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Well after talking to dell, thats what I ended up doing. Still no luck. Then I talked to maxtor and they told me to talk to dell. I might have to buy a new one and use my roommates computer to move all my files

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I love Maxtor drives. I have purchase four from Costco and all are still running, two years and counting. Some recomment swapping out drives every two to three years, this is why Costco is great. Simple purchase a new drive, often larger and cheaper, transfer data fron the old to new, whip and return.

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You don’t want to hear this, but I had two Maxtor 250s externals die on me, each one lasting about 6 months. Both started their death spiral by not wanting to “wake up” from their sleep mode. I replaced them with Western Digitals and have had few problems, both WDs are still running day and night for 18 months on my Dells.

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