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Does the iPhone software development kit also work for the iPod Touch?

Asked by Harpyja (19points) November 30th, 2008

I have a 3 GB second generation iPod Touch. Will the iPod Software Development Kit (SDK) work for the iPod Touch or is there something in the iPhone that’s required for it to work?

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Yes, it does work. Certain API calls obviously don’t work on the iPod Touch. But you can write software that will run on the iPod Touch with the SDK.

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Yes, it’s not really for coding for iphone but coding in Cocoa Touch which is what the iPhone and iPod Touch uses. But of course, stay away from stuff that uses GPS, Camera and so on. Good luck, and please post what you make here!

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all you need is the SDK from the developers website, and then download all the help files (you WILL need them, any dev uses them all the time), I had to give up after a while of attempting to develop apps for the iphone, I tried for like 5 months and then came to realize that the devs of apps in the app store, most have been developing programs for several years so.. yea i gave up after that and got on with my life lol.

It’s tough if you want to get into that business, awesome business, but tons of competition and definitely isn’t something you can just jump into and hope you make miracle apps.

Oh, forgot to mention, SDK is free just sign up and create an account, but actually putting your apps up for sale in the app store you have to pay a $100 fee, unless you’re a business of i believe like 30+ people which case you have to pay like $300 or something like that? but the single person\few is for sure $100.

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