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TUAW says super monkey ball touch has 100+ levels.. am I ignorant or.. what?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) July 14th, 2008

Okay I’ve failed to spot the levels over 50, and then the 5 on each level i haven’t yet unlocked.

I couldn’t beat the very last level of the very last map, but I mean are these other 45+ levels hidden at first site???

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Nope, the official application page says 110 stages.

Here is a screenshot

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Easy and hard levels have different maps. That’s 20 maps per world. Don’t forget the bonus maps too.

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oohhh right wow okay I feel like an idiot I forgot each stage has easy and hard, okay nevermind that pretty much sums it up lol!

Anyone know how to unlock the bonus maps?

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If you get all 10 bannanas in each level you unlock one bonus map per world/difficulty.

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thought I had done that first world and diffuculty, apparently not I just realized I didn’t on the last level.

Also a side note, it aparently must be done in your first attempt if you’ve beaten that level before, I just fell off the map after hitting a bumper, and it didn’t show the number of bananas at bottom right anymore.

Owell, thanks for the help anyway, thought I had lost my mind lol

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