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Cell Phones: Samsung Blackjack or Sony-Ericsson w580i?

Asked by bob (3193points) August 29th, 2007

Your answers will determine which cell phone I buy! Very exciting. Both phones are $20.

If your answer is “Buy an iPhone” you will be legally obligated to send me $500. Just kidding.

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My Boss has the Blackjack and my wife has the Sony. I hear no complaints about either.

I think the Sony is a “higher-end” phone than the Blackjack, but doesn’t have the keyboard.

Really, either one is great for $20. I would buy an iPho…. ooops.

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the Samsung BlackJack because:
1. it has a full keyboard
2. it looks better – slimmer,classier
3. since it runs windows mobile, it has a lot of 3rd-party apps and games
4. easy to sync with the computer
5. it has better speakers
6. its free with a new 2year contract here in NJ

the only thing i like about the Sony ericcson is that it has a better camera and the UI looks better than windows mobile

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I had 5 Samsung phones in a row because they have the most attractive, intuitive and PC like interfaces.

Also, they are concerned about the quality of their phones mechanical engineering, not just their electronic engineering. (how smoothly the device flips open for example)

My first phone was a very compact model by Motorola. It’s audio quality was good but the interface was an ugly, confusing nightmare. Build quality was creaky.

When Motorola’s Razor was introduced I badly wanted a phone with such sleek dimentions but waited years for Samsung’s similarly porportioned SGH- A717 to get the better build and ergonomic quality. By far my favorite phone up to that time.

It took something as awesome as the iPhone to tear me away from Samsung. Were it not for Apple i’d still be buying Samsung phones.

Maybe it’s just me but I think life’s to short to use a phone with clunky menus or that squeaks when squeezed slightly. If these sort of details are important to you, go with Samsung.

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When Sony Ericsson phones were introduced I was disappointed to discover that the products didn’t seem to have Sony’s usual ergonomic design quality.

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