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What are the mysterious phone calls I receive every day?

Asked by ezraglenn (3502points) June 24th, 2008

Almost every morning, between 10AM and 12PM, I receive a phonecall from a number which appears as “unknown” on the screen of my iphone. When I answer, I hear a series of beeps, and then a hangup. When I don’t I get a message of about 20 second of beeps (approximately 6 beeps per message). What is this? My father said it might be a fax machine. But every day? To a cell phone? That just seems weird. This has only been happening since I got my iPhone in December.

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That’s the only thing it can be a fax, unless someone is playing a dirty trick on you. That happen to me everyday for the longest time on the house phone. There is no way to track it either. Just as I thought it stopped it would start up again. It was always around the same time. It’s was extremely frustrating. It hasn’t happened in a long time and I am hoping it stays that way.

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I’d say fax as well. Its just a guess though. You could always change your number.

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I also think fax. No clue what to do though. YAY ONOMATOPOEIA! You get a GQ for using that.

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Happened to me on a landline, also. I was pregnant, trying to sleep and it drove me berzerk everyday for quite a while! Never heard of it happening on a cell phone but sounds like the logical answer. ARRGH!

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its a fax machine, I use to get them all the time untill I found a setting on my answering machine that blocks them from coming thru. You can also ask you phone company to block unknown callers.

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Call forward to a landline connected to a fax and receive it. It might give you a clue where it is coming from.

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It’s a telemarketer. I get ‘em everyday too, and they just hang up.

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I don’t answer UNKNOWN or any other unfamiliar callerids. Ever. If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

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This kind of thing happened to me once and it turned out my phone number had been mistakenly programmed into a home alarm system; every time someone left their house and turned on their alarm they rang me instead.

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some fax machine send auto faxes daily at the same time

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gooch: That’s why I was thinking and why I suggested what I did. They have to have call forwarding to do it, though. ezra: I hate to say this, but it may not end soon if you don’t try something. I was getting automated calls, but at midnight. I tried star sixty-nining it, but it didn’t work, so I tried what I told you. Mine was on the home phone, thank goodness. I figured out where it was coming from and contacted them that way. At least yours are during daylight, but I understand your frustration.

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government conspiracy maybe.
just kidding, hopefully.

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Fax machine set on redial.

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