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What's the funniest fluther question?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) December 1st, 2008

I don’t think I could pick just one, but the cake question would definitely be up there for me.

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It’d have to be cake or the frizzer!

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Link to frizzer question, please?

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Which question is “The Cake” from?
I have only been on Fluther for a total of maybe a month, and only recently on more then a few minutes a week.

So far, the funniest question I have seen, in person, would ether be the one I asked about Lurve “stalkers” or the one about Wax Lips. But those pail in comparison of “The Frizzer.”

I mean, wow. Did anyone ever figure out what was going on with that person? I mean clearly they where on once, then never came back, but did they just do it for fun? Or did they actually mean something… I wonder?

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Here is the cake question.

I have to agree with the frizzer being the funniest I’ve encountered. I was actually crying I was laughing so hard.

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Yep. The Frizzer wins!

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It’s the frizzer hands down.

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I’m not sure, the cake question has a lot of history. There’s something about the Frizzer question though; it just wants to be your friend.

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Cake question was the best of its time. But we’ve moved on to bigger and better things, namely the frizzer.

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You all remember the cake situation (lol)

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Frizzer still blows my mind.

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The thing about the cake question is that we’ve been using it as a reference (a lot) to answer love related questions :), the frizzer question is just dumb, o.k. it is really funny though…

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oh cheeb! where have you been!!!! (I thought about you when the cake question came up) :)

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can someone explain the frizzer question to me? I don’t get it,

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I think that is the point! Someone was actually wondering if they should run under the pool with their frizzer filled with boys?

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Don’t forget the cube

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The cub, it scares me.

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Ha ha!! yep.. or, there is the ever infamous eye question from the same user!

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the cube kind of made me cringe more than laugh, just like the “how do women get away with putting their hands in their own pockets? trollops!” question. i wanted to laugh, but i could only shake my head and sigh.

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@cheeb: Thanks for that…I hadn’t seen that one! and yes, I did read the whole thing.

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