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how do i get the stink off of my hands?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) August 29th, 2007

i used a wet rag to clean some equipment in an art studio, and now my hands totally stink. i have washed them three times, once with dish soap. (the studio does not use oil based inks, so i don’t need to wash with mineral spirits.)

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vinegar and baking soda diluted In water

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toothpaste used as handsoap will do the trick

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vinegar or lemon juice

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soak your hands in febrezz

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I`d say was em

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Fresh lemon juice works. Remember the opening scene in the movie, Atlantic City (where a young Susan Sarandon works in a fish factory)? In the evening when she returns home, she washes her entire upper body with the juice. An older Burt Lancaster sees her from his apartment window.

It’s an arresting first scene.

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@LouisianaGirl: What does “I`d say was em” mean, please

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@gailcalled wash your hands i think tomato juice helps because it helps for skunk sprays maybe it helps 4 hands too.

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