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What's a good aluminum-free deoderant?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) April 28th, 2009

I’m currently using Tom’s of Maine….it itches, goes on wet (so I feel sweaty), and my pits don’t even smell that great with it on! Other suggestions?

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Corn Starch baby powder to keep you dry.

I must admit I’m still using an aluminum one, cuz I found the “non” ones unhelpful and “itchy” as you said.

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I like Tom’s of Maine.

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My husband uses Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Aluminum Free deoderant. It doesn’t really smell like anything. But it goes on dry and works pretty well. And he always smells good so I know for sure it works.
I still use Dove, now why can’t they make the aluminum free deoderants smell like spring, baby powder, shower fresh…and all those other fake smells…
So anyway, yeah I’d try Desert Essence.

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@craziprincess haha – I know!! I loved my Dove deoderant. Might just end up going back to it if I can’t find a good alum.-free one.

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I’ve used the spray version of Crystal Body Rock deodorant. It’s the only thing that I’ve had any luck with. None of the roll-on or stick kinds worked for me. Looks like Crystal makes scented kinds now, too.

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Baking soda and a little water to make a paste. Apply sparingly.

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I’ve used Earth Science’s Liken plant unscented deodorant for +20 years now. It’s never failed me, and is aluminum free. It comes in a wide stick and goes on clear.

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I use “Herbal Clear,” mostly because it’s two bucks a stick. I like the smell a lot, and it’s pretty reliable.

Thanks for asking this question- I’m in the market for something a bit more effective.

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I’ve heard this rock deodorant works good.

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Just a warning about crystal deodorant. I dropped my crystal and it chipped a little bit. I tried to apply it under my arms and gave myself a terrible cut. Be careful when you use it, and dispose of it if it becomes chipped or cracked.

or is this an obvious thing that only I would try to do?

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You might try this:

I haven’t tried it yet. The reason I recommend it w/out trying it is that I know this company and their products are wonderful.

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The verdict is still out on aluminum causing Alheimer’s, as this article states. Aluminum is so ubiquitous in our society that I wonder if not using an antiperspirant would even make a difference.

I wonder why a natural body odor is considered so horrible, when as long as you bathe regulary, you shouldn’t smell that horrible. Sweat doesn’t have an odor, but the bacteria that live under our arms is what makes the smell. Maybe you should try an anti-bacterial product.

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I’m embarrassed at having not read the entirety of the details now.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I live in a very liberal city full of of people who do not use deodorant. Many of them are my friends of course so I happen to know they shower regularly. They still stink when they are overly active or have had a long day or have been in the sun too long. I am inclined towards “natural and green” anything. Including deodorant. I also feel like the natural body should be accepted. Having said that these smells are strong and repugnant. From experience. I’m not sure how that is possible but wow it is quite distracting at times.

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@RedPowerLady Well, maybe if they remove the hair under their arms where the bacteria thrive, that might help. You know, the reason we have underarm odor is natural, it is surmised by science that the pheromones in this area are part of a sensory display that is read by other humans. Getting back to green and natural would mean not using anything to mask our natural odor.

the term green has lately become a perversion of its original intention as everyone is suddenly on the ‘green’ band wagon, hoping to make lots of $$$ from gullible consumers.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Oh ya I understand that getting back to green and natural would mean not using anything to mask our odor. That was my point. I understand that and I am typically all for green and natural however smelling someone elses BO is beyond me. It is a personal exception I take to the go natural lifestyle. Although I would like to see non-aluminum deodorants that do work. It was just a response to you saying that you don’t see why people would smell. I’m just saying, “oh boy they do smell”. LOL. I wonder if getting rid of underarm hair would help? Because many here that do smell have tons of it. Isn’t it there for a purpose though?

Also I agree that many people are using the word green to make money moreso than promote better earth practices. The truth is that it’s horrible but at the same time I’d rather have people being green to make money than being non-green to make money. It’s a baby step in the right direction. And for the rest of us who aren’t concerned about these capitalist ventures, well we support home-grown businesses :)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Clearly you are not an Italian ;)

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@RedPowerLady do you live in Ashland by any chance?

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@SpatzieLover are you saying Italian’s smell or that they have long underhair, i know it’s a joke but clearly i’m not Italian either??

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Now that would be funny. I went to school in Ashland for awhile and have family that lives there and now I live in possibly a more liberal city North of it.

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@RedPowerLady We eat garlic…plentiful amounts come out from our pores

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I use deoderant mainly for my own comfort. Fortunately I don’t ever smell that bad, even after a day of sweating, but I HAAAATE feeling “wet” there. It just bothers the hell out of me!

Thanks everyone for these great suggestions!

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for odor, nothing beats body mint! what’s really super is, it eliminates all odor, not just underarm odor, because you swallow it rather than slapping it on. i tried regular chlorophyll but it didn’t do the job so i read up. body mint is pricy but often it’s on sale halfprice at daiei (oahu) and long’s (oahu again). also, after the first week i found i half the amount it says on the package works fine.

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My stinky friend tried Body Mint @iquanyin and from my perspective, it did nothing!

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@aviona HAHA, your “stinky friend”. Love it.

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