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What is the best bank to go with when it comes to a small business?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) December 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I own a small restaurant,we make enough to get by but these merchant fees for my credit card machine is looking for a bank that notifies me when theres an over draft,up to date with technology,best customer service,decent rates,and also we dont take discover cards and amex becauae it takes to long to get in the bank,is that the banks fault?

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Your best bet is to talk to your local chamber of commerce and ask other local restaurants and stores for their recommendations. The best bank to go with is probably a small local one, because the level of service tends to be higher and the fees tend to be lower.

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One that isn’t about to go bust.

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In these times…

…your mattress.

…and immaculate bookkeeping.

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You are going to love this. A few months ago, I tried a new sandwich shop. I placed my order and then noticed the big sign at the register that read, “In order to keep our prices low for our customers, we accept only cash”. I explained to the cashier that I did not see the sign. She said, “That’s OK, we have an ATM right over there”. Just a few feet away, was the ATM, and I began to use it. The $2.00 fee was annoying as usual, but here is the kicker… guess who owns the ATM machine and gets the fee? The sandwich shop!!

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Accepting credit and debit cards is very expensive for businesses. Gaining fees from ATM machines is in no way incorrigible or hypocritical.

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I thought it was brilliant!

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