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Do you click by tapping the trackpad?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) December 3rd, 2008

Do you use the actual button, or did you enable tapping the trackpad to click? Why?

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I do a bit of each. It just depends on what I’m doing. If I’m clicking and dragging I use the button, but if I’m just clicking I usually tap the trackpad.

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I use both. It all depends on the situation and what my mood is.

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No. I’ve disabled the trackpad tap feature. When I’m typing my hand brushes against it far too often, and I end up typing in the wrong field or in the wrong place in the field. Frustration!

The only time I switch is when I’m trying to be quiet. When I do it, though, I’m really terrible at it and I become incredibly slow. So I usually switch back right away.

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@shadling In Leopard’s system prefs ‘ignore accidental trackpad input’ disables the trackpad while you’re typing I think.

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I use Panther. But yeah, I just checked, and that’s enabled in my System Preferences. Maybe I’m just that bad at typing, that my hands often touch the trackpad?

Then again, I made the decision to stick to the mouse button when I first got this laptop (four and a half years ago). My typing habits have probably changed.

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—haha I didn’t even know my laptop could do this….I checked and it can… no, I use the button. I even frequently use my right hand on the pad and left thumb on the button.

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I don’t like my trackpad. I like the tactile feedback that pressing a button gives.

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I’m not a fan. I’m really wondering how the new “buttonless” MacBook(Pro)s are going to feel. (I use the future tense simply because I have not used one yet.) I don’t think I’m going to like it.

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I’m typing this on the new macbook and I love the trackpad! It’s easy to use and you can click the bottom of it with a thumb (it actually depresses and clicks) if you don’t want to tap. But there’s multi-touch etc. It’s great.

btw, I think that having another way to click is always better and if you give it a try you’ll eventually come to like it.

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I cannot. stand. clicking. with. the. trackpad.

It’s disgusting.

@aidje: My dad just got one… I was skeptical until i tried it. If you use the trackpad like on an older mac (clicking with your thumb at the bottom), there’s really no difference in tactility. It’s impressive.

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I cant stand the trackpad at all. I always carry around a USB mouse.

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I’m using one of the new MBP’s & I love the trackpad. I almost never use the ‘click.’ I pretty much always tap except for rare occasions.

As a side note, the multitouch gestures are amazing (especially with Multiclutch – 3 finger swipes in the finder to switch spaces) My favorites so far are the 4-finger swipes up & down – I use the constantly. I find it hard to use a normal mouse now! =P

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