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I need an elegant barn name for my German horse asap! What should I name him?

Asked by liveurlife1534 (1points) December 3rd, 2008

I just bought a very fancy imported German Hanoverian. He has a show name, but no barn name. I want something elegant and different for him. His show name will most likely by either Das Vertrauen (faith) or Dietrich(noblty). Any suggestions?

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Der Fuhrer?

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Oskar Schindler.

I actually know a horse named Oskar :D

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Saxe Coburg Gotha

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@ trumi haha nice… and good pic btw I Cailbotte is great, the painting of the floor scrapers, can’t think of the title, is one of my favorite all time paintings

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Do you know his parent’s names?

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If it were a Dutch horse maybe?

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The Hanoverians were the line of Queen Victoria and Albert.

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Calloway. Then call him Cal.
<3 I have a special place in my heart for horses named Cal(loway).

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Felix. It means lucky or successful, which would come in handy if you are going to show him.

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Fritz; It was used by American GI’s during WWII to refer to any German.

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Hagen; he was the black knight in Götterdämmerung. We had a dachshund called Hagen.

draftygirl; Welcome, but please do not keep shouting. We can hear you just fine with lower case.

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Charlie. Attach a horn to his head, and then you’re set.

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How about Hossenfeffer?

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Einstein Pickapepper. I know that Pickapepper may not be German but is sure is good on cream cheese.

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A mare named Calloway? Really? Sorry, just seems like a more masculine name.

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@alfreda, I was going to say Albert and now it seems even more fitting according to your interesting bit of trivia, so, how about Albert?

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I really like ‘Albert’ – I second it!

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BARNABAS probably meant “son of the prophet” (though it is claimed in Acts 4:36 to mean “son of encouragement”)
Alphonse means Eager, Noble
here are alot of german names and there meanings

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Horses named willow make me smile.

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Hans. Hans the Horse sounds great to me.

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i told you to name him dutchman, now youve got to choose from all these names, although hans is a nice name also…

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Heinrich von der Schaft.

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draftygirl: While Dutchman (Dutch) was a good suggestion I think ultimately it depends on what liveurlife1534 chooses to name his/her horse (regardless of what you told them to do). Don’t you agree?

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geeeeezzzzzzz, cant even take a joke?

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@draftygirl; Thank you for not shouting. Now, keep in mind that a joke is a joke only if someone finds it funny. You have been beating this one to death. (You know what they say about beating a dead horse.)

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how about Wolfgang. (path of the wolf)

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The “W” is the first letter of a very famous and “winning” bloodline of Hanoverians.

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