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Read this and then reconsider. If I were you, I wouldn’t get either of those.

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kodak will take better pictures.
I spent a bunch on a sony about 2 years ago and am already looking to buy a cheap cannon or kodak because the picture quality will be so much better.

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i wouldn’t get either of those, myself. if you really had your heart set on one of those 2 i wouldn’t get the sony…

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I hate Sony because they monopolized their data storage to Memory Sticks. This basically means that you have to buy Memory Stick brand storage devices, and these are not compatible with most digital media ports. For example, my SD card for my Nikon slides right into the port on my computer. The Sony Memory Stick: does not.

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I have a Panasonic Lumix and it’s been amazing.

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The best camera I’ve used is the Cannon Rebel EOS xt Digital. 10 megapixels and uses a standard CF (compact flash) card. It’s been great.

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I agree with John Robert. Canon Rebels are awesome. I would not buy Kodak, as mine broke one month after the warranty went out. I had a Sony Mavica, which took floppy disks to record on. It still works, so I can’t say anything bad about Sony. I also like Olympus, as I recently purchased the Stylus 1030 SW, and love it. The Canon is by far the best best camera ever. My daughter has a Canon Powershot, and it takes awesome pictures. I think Canon makes the best cameras of them all.

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