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what's the best digital camera currently?

Asked by dparker (1points) June 22nd, 2007

looking for entry level dslr, preferably not too large/heavy

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I'm not sure how you feel about CNET, but I usually check there first for some baseline information and find them somewhat fair and reliable.

Anecdotally? I have friends who love the Nikon D50 and the Canon EOS 1D SLR.

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I'd also recommend for great reviews. Right now I think the best value is the Pentax k100d, with the Nikon D40x being a solid, though slightly more expensive, option. The Canon digital rebel is also worth checking out. All our good options, it's probably worth going to a store and seeing which feels best in your hands.

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I've used a Sony A-100 which is basically a Konika Minolta camera. It's a really great camera. The only thing that took some getting used to was the 10.2 megapixel CCD sensor. Once you get used to that, the only thing really holding it back is the glass.

It seriously doesn't get much better than image stabilization in the body. The 1600 ISO is a nice touch too, as well as unlimited full resolution shots at 1/3 second bursts in JPG mode to memory capacity.

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Canon Rebel XTi. It's unbeleivable and affordable. Ask me if you have any questions about it.

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I haven't played with it, but I've been hearing some noise about the Capilo GX-100. It's not an interchageable lens camera, but has some pretty cool features to make up for that.

I shoot with a D70s, and have heard great things about the D40/D40x line and the Canon Rebels.

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Just beware that if you are previous Nikon user, not all of your previous lenses will work with the D40 or D40x, which does not have a motor for the autofocus in the camera body. You'll have to check to make sure your lenses will work, and have their own autofocus motor. However, the D50 does have this feature and I believe is very similar to the D40 (The D40X is the higher megapixel version of the D40).

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