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A Good Cure for Hay Fever?

Asked by simonPARASITE (195points) December 6th, 2008

I live in New Zealand and it’s summer here, and I get really bad hay fever. There’s snot pouring from my nose constantly and my eyes are always watering. I have pills but they don’t seem to work, how do I make it stop?

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I have really bad allergies and for awhile I got immunotherapy shots from an allergy doctor and that seemed to be the only thing that helped. They inject your body with what you are allergic to and you build up a resistance. You just have to do it for a long time, but the results come fairly quickly.

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Aren’t there vaccinations?

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@miasmom, that sounds fairly invasive. But I’m in the same boat, NZ summer is killing me at the moment.

Could you perhaps give me/us a little more info on how long you need these injections for? Also can I get started on them now and it’ll be effective fairly quickly, as in this summer?

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They say you need the shots for 3–5 years, I went twice a week in the beginning, probably for about 3 months (but that’s because I was allergic to EVERYTHING) and then it tapered off to once a week and then once every two weeks and then once a month. And I want to say that I started noticing relief after 3–6 months, so it probably wouldn’t be an immediate answer for this summer, but definitely by next summer you should notice a huge difference. And I only did it for 2 years and then I quit because I got pregnant and didn’t want to do this while pregnant, but even now my allergies are still less than others, so even though I didn’t finish it out, it has definitely been worth it.

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thank you. i will definitely look into that.

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@simonPARASITE Im in NZ too and just wrote a compliant about this – I dnot know if i have hayfever or not but wake up every morning stuffed up – headache – sore itchy eyes, sometimes sneezing, sometimes snotty and then fatigue – does that sound like you?
what do you do!

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