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What are the pros and cons about being a dentist?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) December 6th, 2008

I am recently deciding about my future and have thought about being a dentist, however i have heard that its eight years have really hard schooling that costs a lot of money and its hard to be one, is anyone hear a dentist and want to tell me anything about what its like and if the years of school and hard work pay off?

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Dentists have a high suicide rate. But, they make a lot of money.

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Dentists have to put their hands in peoples mouths. But they make a lot of money.

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About ten years ago, my dentist told me that he would never let his son (then in college) go into dentistry. He said it’s all about battling with insurance companies now.

My dentist is a superb medical professional, an artist and a proud master craftsman as well as a caring and personable caregiver. He is nearing retirement, and I don’t expect to find another like him.

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Check out this recent question; querent will be needing a dentist soon.

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every little kid hates you

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I have few good friends who are dentists. You have to really want it! One friend said he decided to be a dentist when he watched “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!”
Being a good dentist doesn’t always mean you will make a lot of money. The friend who is doing the best didn’t start doing so well until he married his current wife. She has great business savvy and has made his office really successful. They are getting ready to open another office soon. They hire dentists who are expert specialists to rotate through their offices.
You can get a job if you’re willing to work in the prisons. I think here in California they start at about $180,000 per year. It could be a way to start without a substantial investment and get your student loans paid down.

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Little kids hate you, and you always have your hands in people’s mouths.

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