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Christians what you think about so called "Bible Codes" recently supposedly discovered by some Rabbi?

Asked by seVen (3472points) December 7th, 2008

I personally agree with this article about those so called “Codes” / “Bible Codes” about their validity.

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I think if you look long enough you can find anything you want to.

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those codes are suposedly seperated by few letters and prophethize all past history like Hitler and Nazis all on the same page and Holocaust as well as recent history Osama and Twin Towers etc.

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Why do you ask questions directed towards Christians and not the entire community?

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No such word as “prophethize.” No verbs exist that are connected to “prophet” either. You mean “predict” or “foreshadow.” (—and if you wish to be clearer, it’s “separate”).

A few commas in your description of the one-page prediction of everything, etc. would not be amiss, either. Now it sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

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@gailcalled sorry I’m not a native english speaker but I try although I’m tri-lingual I try.

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SeVen doesn’t ask questions, he states opinions. We should all know this by now.

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@seVen: Thanks for letting me know that English is not your native tongue. I will be a nicer, kinder, gentler and more forgiving reader in future. (What is your native tongue?)

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@tinyfaery what are you talking about ? I stated a question for everyone’s opinion and beneath that gave a link to the same thought I have about it to share my thought.

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@gailcalled I was born in Poland but departed to italy when Poland was under Soviet control back in the 80’s.

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@seVen: periodically I look at the elementary Polish language lessons on the net. It is completely unrelated to the romance languages I know and seems very difficult to an English speaker. You are to be commended for your command of English and Italian.

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a number 1) The collective might find this of interest.

b number 2) People need to get over it when they aren’t included in the parameters of the question. Not picking on you in particular, trumi.

c number 3) is difficult (for me, at least) to debate since it’s reasoning is entirely faith-based.

d number 4) Attempting a faith-based argument, isn’t it possible that God in His omnipotence and omniscience inspired a document that resonates with the whole of human history? Or perhaps that language or inspired writings, in general, are imbued with that resonance—something akin to the harmonic resonances of notes played on musical instruments? Would He not reveal these resonances to followers who sought these kinds of truths?

Another example, the Karate Kid (which does, in fact, parallel how kung fu is taught). All Daniel-san needs to know is wax on wax off, paint the fence, etc. When he is ready, he realizes that he has learned karate.

e number 5) The author’s logic is kind of weak and/or weird. His back to basics message obviously holds water, but other than saying “it’s not your concern,” he doesn’t refute the existence of Bible codes.

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What do you think about Nostradomus? Same shit different name…

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I think we have the Bible we are suppsed to have, even with its inconsistencies and interpretive dillemas. The Bible is a sufficient rule for life in community, when read through the lens of God’s grace

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@madcapper’:“Different name” is right…It’s Nostradamus.

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It would only be a code if the number of letters between each “message” letter is the same in each message. These charlatans just keep increasing the interval until they find a word. You can find “messages” in any book.

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@gail yeah but “same shit” is right too. There’s nothing hidden in the bible except the same fairy tale that was always there…

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Good grief this theory has been around since I was a teen. I remember one of the other kids in bible study talking about the codes hidden in the bible.

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kevbo always has the funniest links

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I refuse to even read that link, because the idea is about as sound as someone saying “look, they made that cloud look like a sheep”. The reason being that there is no book called “the Bible”.

The Bible is an anthology of different books arbitrarily picked by St.Antonius, who (if I remember well) was the bishop of Alexandria (could have been some other city, doesn’t matter). When Christians came to him and asked about Jesus, he used to refer them to the same bunch of books. Eventually these books were bound together and later officially recognised as “the Bible”. But since the writers of these books did not meet or agree on some code, and since the order of the books in modern Bibles was not pre-determined, whatever patterns anyone finds today are purely coincidental.

If God wanted to play such childish games with us, he wouldn’t put the clues in a Bible, he’d put them on the last issue of “Playboy”.

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Sorry I’m not citing my sources. But I’m sure I’ve read this somewhere. First of all, the biblecode concept is not new. They started working on it as soon as personal computers were available.

Also, I’m almost positive there was a study that took a similar book of similar length to the torah in hebrew. (I believe it was a translation of war and peace into hebrew) and when run through the same software they were able to come up with just as many “prophecies” as with the torah.

You should realized that when they do this kind of stuff with hebrew, they are talking about just consonants. Hebrew in it’s purest form does not write down vowels, like many other semitic languages. That allows A LOT of interpretation. And according to the bible code you can read things, backwards upside down, sideways, by twos by threes, the point is you play with it until it says something.

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The Bible is pretty straightforward about the important stuff.
The only “Bible Code” that I place any stock in is the one that any reasonably alert person can dig out of the genealogy that runs between Adam and Noah:

“Using the Hebrew root of the names that were given to these men, the genealogy of Adam through Noah reveals God’s plan for salvation, a plan that was made before the birth of Adam.”

Seth=is appointed
Mahalalel=the blessed God
Jared=shall come down
Methuselah=his death shall bring
Lamech=the despairing
Noah=comfort and rest.

When you read the meaning of the names as a sentence you get:

“Man is appointed mortal sorrow, [but] the blessed God shall come down [and] teach.”

“His death shall bring the despairing comfort and rest.”

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