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Are there any pre-NGE pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies players here?

Asked by TaoSan (7103points) December 7th, 2008

And if so, have you heard about the SWG emulator community?

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I played SWG for three! pre CU…been a long since I heard that term.. I was on Sunrunner…you?

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Europe-Chimaera! I literally lived inside that game! I was actually one of the first hologrinders to unlock. Only took me 27 professions haha. From an IT guy view, SWG was the most elaborate economical and charbuilding simulation I have ever seen (still is). Was amazing how the resource system developed a life of it’s own.

My main char was a human CM/RM, my second char was a Zabrak stacker, Carb/TKM with some Fence and some Pistoleer for those few added dodging skillpoints. Imagine the hate when I spread my glowing blue balls of love haha. The stacker, with the right armor, buffs, foods and muon was close to impervious. So I got a lot of hate for it too, specially with that 312 knuckler, lol. Funny how the haters never considered that it took roughly 3 hours to get that monster even battle ready, and the fight window was less than 10 minutes, food fill and muon downer and whatnot. Aaaah good times.

I got pretty industrious with some friends too, Fishbone Industries, for all your Ackley bone and spider venom needs haha. Gawd I miss it.

Dunno if you know, but SWGEmu is about to start a pre-CU server. I can’t wait!!!!

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@TaoSan I would love to go back to pre-CU…Doctor buffs on a TKM/Fencer with some neutron pixie and vasarian brandy…mmmmmmm…gots to love the spin kick que :)

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no problem!

They’re launching their server pretty soon. Awesome community too, just like the old days!

And stay away from those pixies, the downer will kill you ;) try a vercupti instead…

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