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New Zealanders: I have a full (car) licence and want to get a motorcycle licence. Do i need to go through Learners, Restricted and then Full again?

Asked by meemorize (324points) December 7th, 2008

I have had my full for about 5 years now (I am 23) and I was wondering if I will need to go through all the steps of “Learners”, “Restricted” and then “Full”. If I decide to get a motorcycle licence.
Or is there some way where i can simply learn driving a motorcyclw, then sit a test and i get my full ‘attached’ to my current ‘full’ car licence?

The LTSA website is not quite clear on all this i’m afraid.

Any ideas?

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Isn’t a motercycle licence differant from a car licence? It is here and you need to go for a permit for the motercycle licence. It is a totally differant licence. But that is here in Maine.

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I’m not sure to be honest. But it seems as if the licence is different. Though it also seems a little strange that at my age it would still take me 3 years to get a licence.
I grew up in Germany where you get 1 licence and there are different classes within the same looking licence, so if I was to pass my motocycle test then they would simply ‘unlock’ that part of the licence I am using..
I might just call them up and ask when I find the time.

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@meemorize.. that is the best idea to call them or you can look it under DMV in your country on the internet.It is differant in every counrty. best of luck to you.:)

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From looking around on the Land Transport site, it seems like the motorcycle license is a completely separate license, but the site isn’t really clear about it. So yeah, it would probably be easiest to give them a call.

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