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How to transport a dirt bike?

Asked by Waffle (248points) July 13th, 2009

So I’m down in NC for vacation and while here I figured “Why not shop around for a dirt bike?” I live in NJ and while looking around there, everything is twice as expensive.

I’ve found the perfect bike but now my problem is transportation. Here’s the situation:

1) I don’t have my motorcycle license so driving is out.
2) We’re in a minivan but it’s full of people and luggage.
3) I don’t want to pay some company to haul it because that would cost too much.
4) Buying close to home is too expensive.

I’m hoping there is some kind of cheap bumper hitch I can attach to the van. Any suggestions?

(The Van is a 2000 Honda Odyssey and the bike is a Kawasaki KLR 250)

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The only thing I could see working is either a bicycle rack built to handle a lot of weight, or one of those cargo racks like this.

I’ve seen a few 250 cc dirt bikes, and they shouldn’t weigh more than a couple hundred pounds. Kawasaki is a good choice, IMO.

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You can also check out U-Haul or the local equivalent for a small trailer and a rental hitch.

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lots and lots of duct tape

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An expensive solution – it may be cheaper in long run to buy one nearer home if you can’t transport it back?
Have you got a biking mate who could ride it back for you?

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How about a heavy duty luggage rack on top?

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Thanks so much! I ended up buying a hitch and platform from the website you linked. All together it cost $100 less than using a transport service once!

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@Waffle, you are welcome, and in the future you can use it to haul other things, which means it will pay for itself in no time at all!

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i think you can meet one best transport service provider so u get right info and this link will help you so visit here :

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basically some rules for transporting so you have to follow them and then try to find best transport service provider.

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