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Have you noticed that the hair on the back of your head grows faster than the front?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) December 7th, 2008

My friend has short hair and has noticed over the years that the back of her hair grows faster. Recently, her hair has been clipped uniformly.. I checked out the front and back and, indeed, the back is a bit longer.

She thinks she’s a weirdo, I’m wondering if hair just grows faster in the back. Anyone ever notice this, or know conclusively if it’s normal?

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I notice it too.
It annoys me, because with the hairstyle I have now, if it’s not cut every few months it ends up looking like a mullet xD

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Yes, I notice this too. I think it’s because the hair near the front of my head tends to get “stressed” more because I tend to play with it, pull it back, style it more with clips, etc. I think it’s just prone to more breakage because of this while the hair in the back of my head doesn’t get as much attention.

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I think the hair in back is thicker, too, or maybe it’s just that it all falls in the same direction
(down). I wonder who our resident hair expert is. I’m waiting…..

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Yes! Have noticed this too – my theory is that the front gets pulled, styled and brushed more than the back.
Although there is the one exception: when you have a fringe, that always grows out of proportion and starts falling in to your eyes before any of the rest has moved even a mm.

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For those of us afflicted with male pattern baldness, we’re always WISHING that the hair on the back of our heads (or other places on the head) would grow faster or at all for that matter.

I’ll pass on the Hair Club for Men and Rogaine doesn’t work. Just in case you were wondering.

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I pretty much always have fring-y bangs, and they always grow faster than the rest. I have to trim the bangs about once a month.

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Yes, and I’ve noticed the hair in the back is also more curly than the front. My hair is really weird though because it’s super curly on top in the back, but the bottomest layer in the back is verrry straight. Then the front of my hair is just wavy. I had someone dig through my hair once and they found pretty much every classification of hair besides color. Thick, coarse, straight, curly, wavy… You get the picture. Basically I have freak hair. :)

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Mmmm, mullets are natural!

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Oh really, i will keep an eye on it…from now onwards

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maybe because everyone sees the front, not many see the back?

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I hate this!! The back of my hair always grows quicker than the rest, it drives me batty!

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I don’t think fringes grow faster. I think you notice them sooner because they’re right in front of your noticing apparatus.

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Hooray for the genetic mullet!

And a plug for the chonmage.

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I think I should make a ”mullets are natural” t-shirt to go with my ”friends don’t let friends have mullets” one.

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I have noticed this on my head as well. I have a side swept bang and it always grows out and gets too long while the rest of my hair barely grows. I think the reason as to why hair seems to grow faster at the front is because our hair is the most styled, touched, and faces the weather directly (like wind, snow, cold)

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The sun can be one of the possible factors why..//

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