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Do thermal curtains really save energy?

Asked by sarahclif (135points) December 8th, 2008

We live in a rental home with 11 beautiful floor-length windows…that are ALL single paned! Yikes! We’ve found good deals on thermal curtains lately, but are wondering if the $250 is really worth it… We will soon have two kids – one of whom is a toddler who hates bundling up – so if it really makes it warmer / saves money we’ll do it…

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It helps save in the winter and the summer. they are worth the money. that is a really good deal on them. I would get as many as you can, those are not cheap.

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Check with your electric or gas company. They may have a credit for insulation that might be applicable.

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@steve: Since it’s a rental, that wouldn’t apply to this situation. Any curtains with a tight weave/thicker cloth will help…they don’t need to be thermal, though that’s probably the best. Check out . They often have great sales on window treatments, and do sell thermal ones.

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With the thermal curtains, you might not actually save enough money to pay for the curtains/blinds during your stay, but you should notice improved comfort inside during very cold weather.

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