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How do cheaters feel in the progress of cheating?

Asked by briana (4points) December 8th, 2008

i dont know how to break up with my boyfriend because i know he is cheating but i just want to know how he feels about cheating in the progress, he says he does not have any feelings i say that he is a cold hearted person so men how do you feel in the progress of cheating?

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Even other men who have cheated can’t tell you how your bf feels about cheating. He probably has his own reasons and justifications.

And a suggestion for how to break up, since you know he’s cheating and he knows you know: “I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore. I have too much self-respect to stay involved with someone who’s openly cheating on me. Goodbye!”

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Uhh yeah I don’t know how people feel when cheating but why are you keeping him around? Tell him to pack his shit and hit the road!

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lol @madcapper, I totally agree. I guess you’d have to be the one cheating to know that ;)

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When I cheated I felt like a million bucks at that moment. Like an orgasm to the 100th power.

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lol @mizuki. but why?

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I think it doesn’t matter WHY he is cheating, but the simple fact that he IS. I know it hurts and you want to understand why it happened. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY ON THIS LOSER! PERIOD. Go out with a guy who will treat you well and not fuck with your head and emotions. YOU DESERVE BETTER! Love yourself and cut this dog out of your life for good! I know easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere. Take care of yourself, sweetie!

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because it is such a rush, and i’m not supposed to be doing it and I am afraid I will get caught and that is exciting—exciting in a 1980’s kind of way…not something I am doing today in my 40’s.

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