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Is this real: MacBook for €60?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) September 2nd, 2007


I just saw this:

I have completly 0 experience with Ebay, and I wanted to ask you if this is a scam or not.

Much greetings Davey.

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In general, I would avoid “to good to be true” deals on ebay (or craigslist). Especially since that seller has only 5 previous sales, I wouldn’t go for this. Why would anyone sell a laptop that cheap? It’s probably a scam.

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i wouldnt go for this – since it doesnt even show a picture of the actual macbook
it could be one of those scams where they would sell you a book with “mac” written on it or just a macbook without a motherboard

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ask him if you can come by to look at it, if your close enough. That will generally run them off if its a scam

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side question: dont you have to be 18 to buy something from ebay?

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Yes, but my bother is 18 soon, so I give him money, and he buy’s is for me with paypal. It’s handy to have old brother :-)

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