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Free tools for converting documents to PDF format?

Asked by Kay (1608points) December 8th, 2008

Does anyone know any reliable, not annoying tools/downloads/websites that convert document files to PDF’s in a painless way? Thanks in advance!

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If you’re using a Mac, then the functionality is built into the OS. Go to File > Print, then choose from the PDF menu in the lower left.

If not, then looks like it does a pretty good job. It’s a little annoying, but very painless.

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Nope, not using a Mac. Thanks for the website!

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If you have a google (or gmail) account, you can upload your document as a google document, and then export it as a pdf. Google documents have the added bonus of being accessible from any computer at any time. I use them for everything. :)

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Sweet! I’ve used Google Documents but did not realize I could do that with them. Thanks!

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:) Glad I could help.

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I used PDFCreator when I was on Windows. It adds a fake printer that can be used to create a PDF.

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