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How can you input information into a PDF form via computer? (Details follow)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 15th, 2012

I have some forms to fill out that were sent to me via a PDF. They don’t let me input the info with my computer automatically (as in some forms). Is there a simple (simpler) way to convert the file so that I can fill them out online and send them back without having to print, fill out by hand, scan and jpg them back?

I just feel there has to be a faster way…..maybe?

Any info would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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This looks like it should work…

Disclaimer: I haven’t used it before.

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If they have locked the PDF to stop you filling them in then that was a conscious decision (probably) on the part of the people that sent you the forms indicating that they don’t want the forms filled in electronically.

Admitedly there is a small chance they’re just idiots who ticked boxes without any idea what thgey were doing

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If you’re on a Mac, this is very easy. Open the .pdf file with that come free. There is a tool available in the app for annotating a pdf.

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For Windows, PDF-XChange Viewer lets you type and draw all over a PDF to your heart’s content. I use it daily for work. The free version will probably do whatever you need.

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If you are using Adobe, there should also be a typewriter tool that allows you to add text boxes over portions of the PDF.

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