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Why is Bill Clinton sometimes called "the first black President"?

Asked by davoice (53points) September 2nd, 2007
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Bill Clinton grew up poor in rural Arkansas, in a primarily Black neighborhood, and he has throughout his political career actively embraced the Black community. During the campaign, he sort of took on a “cool” persona: appearing on Black oriented talk-shows, playing jazz sax.. he was young and hip. The Black community responded to this, because no White candidate before had so openly courted Black voters, with the exception of maybe the Kennedy brothers. Clinton had an unprecedented commitment to racial issues and social equality, in addition to calling attention to the socio-economic/humanitarian crisis in sub-saharan Africa. Later it became an inside joke in the Black community that Clinton was the first Black President because of his tendency to get into trouble in his personal life. Even now, his office is in the heart of Harlem, mere blocks from the Apollo Theatre and other landmarks.

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