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What is the most bizarre thing you can find on

Asked by tonedef (3930points) December 9th, 2008

There are really some incredible “oddities”: available for purchase. What WTF products have you found and laughed about?

My all-time favorite: L’eau de Furby.

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(Here are some leads if you need some help.)

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I think we can all agree that the Badonadonk is the oddest thing on Amazon. (Can’t we? Can’t we??)

But I’m a huge fan of the normal things that get Woot Description-esque reviews. Like somewhere, one of the pens—just your average, cheap as anything Bic pen—has like 20,000 reviews that are all amusing. I think there is also a gallon of milk with funny reviews. That’s the kind of thing I really appreciate.

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Also, the tags that people add are sometimes even more entertaining than the reviews. Case in point.

And the badonkadonk is a classic, but there are some upstarts to watch out for!

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hahaha i am seeing amazon in a whole new light thanks to you two! lurve to both =)

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Also, in the Furby genre, is the Furby Mix CD. It’s Furbies covering popular songs… in spanish. And it’s 60 bucks.

ALSO, big thanks to whoever gave me that last “great answer”! It put me over 2k! :D

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This is actually kind of cool.

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tonedef = that was me. and you are very welcome :P

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Those were great! Thank you, I needed the laugh!!!

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“a cute way to relieve workday stress” oh my god.

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@Pup, all I could imagine from the name was this bizarre coalescence of Hello Kitty, Malcolm X, and Jenna Jameson. I wasn’t far off!

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@ Knot: cute, indeed. real cute.

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@Tone: Regarding your Sandra Lee link…loved the ‘culinary antichrist’ tag!

@all: I never knew Amazon could be so amusing!

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It cracks me up that this is sold out!

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That really chaps me.

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Ha ha! But that’s not what it’s intended for!! It gives the phrase “a peck on the cheek” a whole new meaning, don’t you think?

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Ew! Ew! Ew!

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ha ha!! Loser, you crack me up!

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