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What will happen if I do 100's of situps daily without taking breaks?

Asked by windex (2932points) December 9th, 2008

or 1000’s. without the regular (do 30 rest for 2 min do 30 rest for 2 min blabla)

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Umm. I do about 300 a day.. All at once, and then stretch at night. I’ve been doing it for a month and already seeing a bit of improvement. Also, I do this..

It may seem like nothing, but damn it makes your core burn :] Hope that helps

OH and what you should do. Take a picture of yourself starting out, and every week or so take a new picture. You’ll be able to tell the results that way.

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If you could actually do that, you’d be my hero. Regardless of what it does to you.

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You will be very tired. I sit up a few times a day, then go back to my nap.

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Your abdomen will cramp up permanently and you will be left to live the rest of your life in the fetal position…OR you will have some nice lookin’ abs. It’s a toss up! Good luck!

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OMG im pretty in shape but i do 20 sit ups in a row and the burning is soooo bad that i literally have to lay there and not move cause it hurts sooooooo much….how do people do 100 or even 300 without stopping? Like seriously the burning pain by the time i get to 20 is almost untolerable.

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When you get that burning pain YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STOP, if you stop you won’t build any tolerance, and when it burns is when you’re getting the most out of the workout.

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I used to do many situps in a row (I wouldn’t even count, I’d just do them during a 30 minute t.v. show) and one thing I have found is this: if you do an ab workout everyday you don’t tone up your midsection as well as skipping a day between ab workouts.

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i do 200 a day and youll see results if u do it for three month. but ur midsection would hurt everyday like you have to go number 2. but trust me it works .. im keen on my looks and doing this myself. i toke three months off.. tell truth wish i didnt now im at squar one cuase i ate junk but keep going and eat healthy hope you stick to the plan

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