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How to switch Google's page language?

Asked by panspermia (308points) December 10th, 2008

When i opened a page of Google i only want to see Google in English but it always shows different language..How can i change this?I am driving crazy..If its help i am using Google Chrome

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Are you visiting google.COM? If you were to visit for example it would return the Chinese (ch) version.

Other than that, I’d check your language preferences under the settings link on the top right of the page when logged in.

More specific information would be helpful.

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Do you only want english results? If so, then use this link, and replace “query” with what you want to search for.

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i am visiting and iGoogle…and if it is not in English then i click the “google in English”..But whenever i opened this page it returns old position!! On the other hand i only dont want english result…Actually it doesnt matter showing the result in different language..What i wanna see is Google in English!! I’ve also checked my language preferences under the settings but it didnt work out!!What can i do?

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Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Maybe you told it to view Google using that language once and it has since then “remembered” you like it that was via cache and cookies.

Are you using a Mac or PC?

Clear Personal Information: Clear browsing data
Clear Personal Information: Delete cookies

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Spargett, i did what you said..Lets wait and see…but when i use the internet explorer i always clear my browsing data and the cookies but it doesnt work exactly

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Spargett CH is Switzerland not CHINA!!!!!

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