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Is there a way to get rid of lizards from your room, besides chasing them out :P ?

Asked by r0ck80y (18points) September 3rd, 2007
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Where do you and your lizards live? Most are harmless and non-venomous. A draconian solution is to bring inside kingsnakes and racers, hawks, roadrunners, (skunks and badgers will eat the eggs) or some cats. However lizards are benign, and eat grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, spiders, termites – at least the ones in Missouri do…
Why not live and let live?

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I was also going to suggest that you get a cat. We kept pet lizards for a while, and I’d be OK with them outdoors if we shared a climate. But I would not want them loose in my room, as you seem to have. I’d be so afraid of getting up to use the bathroom at night and stepping on one (yuck!)

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Living in Florida, lizards are unavoidable. Personally, I don’t care so much when they get in the house for some reason. However, the cat we recently brought into our family has made it his duty to rid us of these evil doers. =) I try to save these darn things every time, but my cat beats me to it.

A cat is definitely a viable option assuming we’re talking about smaller common lizards found in the south.

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In southeast asia, geckos in the house are considered very good luck (plus they eat the spiders).

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let a bunch of grasshoppers, crickets, and spiders lose thought your entire house. When ever you see the lizard eating them, catch it.

I’ll be looking for your next post, “how to get rid of grasshoppers, crickets, and spiders from my house”.

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I have read that many insects do not like the smell of cedar, it has the same effect as ammonia to humans. Not sure if it would work with lizards, but it might be worth a try as a repellant.

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ooo…idk but if i have ants in my house i mix confectionary sugar with ajax (powdery bleach or something)

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Unless your house is overrun with them, live and let live. Lizards, especially geckos, keep down the fly and cockroach populations.

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The lizards live there because the food is there. Find out what they are eating, eliminate the food source, and problem solved.

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