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Where can I find a good how-to guide to designing a phone interface for an existing web application?

Asked by tnoetz01 (1points) December 13th, 2008

I’m looking for more information on the technical requirements and best practices for designing a mobile phone interface for a web app. A source with sample markup would be appreciated.

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This might help, or it might not. I used iui to make a iPhone version of a lyrics website I have. It was pretty simple. I didn’t bother with making a mobile version for anything besides the iPhone so I can’t help there.

I would just suggest keeping it as simple as possible.

edit: I pretty much ripped off this.

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Cameron Moll kind of specialized in mobile design for a while there and ended up publishing a book you can download for $10. I haven’t read it, but it should be fairly current even though it was pre-iPhone…

Just one resource…

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