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What is your favorite swear word?

Asked by varey14 (57points) December 14th, 2008

i know its childish but i just wana know :P

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lmao thanks buddy

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I’ve always liked Mork’s shazzbat!

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Now that I have kids I just say, “F!” when I want to say f**k.

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F#$face is an old favorite. And, clusterf$# is just dazzling to people.

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It’s a word from the cancelled series “Firefly.” It feels good to say, and that’s of prime importance when coming up with swears. If saying it doesn’t expel tension, there’s no reason to use it.

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@steve, I find myself using fustercluck a lot lately…

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F**K. It is just so…multi-purpose : )

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c u next tuesday

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@Astro: Exactly!

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