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Male PMS?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23974points) December 15th, 2008

Do any men here suffer from it?

I have a friend who does and I’m able to identify “his time of month”. Anyone else have similar experiences, personally or with a male you know?

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I’ve probably had that at one time or another and for males, like me, I think it is actually referred to as SRH – Sperm Retention Headaches.

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Good point blueballs Bluefreedom. After SRH comes TIS – testicular inactivation syndrome.

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We don’t get the luxury of the pre-menstrual, during-menstrual, or post-menstrual syndromes. We’re just assholes all month long.

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I get it. It sucks. I hate scaring away those that I love.

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i feel that we do, but it generally runs along with a close females menstral time-frame. just like when two females hang out all the time and their flows syncronize. only men dont actually get cramps and feel bloated…..just pissed off.

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I am convinced my husband has it. Maybe after all of these years living in a house with four females, something has happened. Poor thing, each one of us had our cycles on different weeks. He lived with PMS every week of his life. He finally has gotten a break as two are off to college, and I have had a hysterectomy, so, he is down to one crazy female… Maybe he has figured it’s payback..

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There is a Pre-PreMS for guys. It is where you start giving your wife a little extra space around the same time every month.

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