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If saving the whole world meant that you had to die,would you do it?

Asked by coffeenut (6174points) December 16th, 2008

if you had to save the world by you dying, would you die to save the rest of us, its not a lose lose situation. you say no and the whole world dies. you die the world and everyone stays!

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yes, I’d do it in a heartbeat without question.

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Of course! Though I would still be doing it for selfish reasons. My kids, my family, my friends.

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If the whole world were destroyed, that would mean I would die too…
So I could die and save people and hopefully be martyred or I could die with everything and everyone else in the world.

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That is a lose lose situation though from my viewpoint – In both cases I die.

I’ll tell you what, if I were placed in a position where I had to make this decision I would be so resentful and angry at being placed in this position that I would let the entire world die with me. That’ll teach them ;)

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Is trying to figure out if everyone would be willing to sacrifice their life if the stakes were high enough? Or is this just for fun and controversy? I must admit, I’m kind of flumoxed by the question. It doesn’t seem to be related to anything I know or have experience with.

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This is sort of like asking if I would leave my job so that everyone could save theirs.

I would because otherwise I would be the only one there and stuck with all the work : )

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I’m with dynamicduo on this one.

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Yep, in a nano-second.

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Like dynamicduo says, I’m going to die either way. But My answer is different. I’d do it to save the others.

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I suppose after a bit more thought, I would have to die in order to save the whole world…but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

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I don’t know how to brew beer. So if everyone that knew how to make beer was dead I might as well be dead too.

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Of course I’d do it—I’d die either way, but at least one way the people I care about are taken care of.

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BUT, I get to decide how I die.

it would involve 4 beautiful redheads, 2 dozen cookies, and a basset hound

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Most people are willing to croak for the globe, but say everyone else kicked the bucket, the world was not destroyed, & you had a mess of people to breed with. Now what? Croak & keep what’s here or breed up a new crew?

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No, I don’t think I would….not 100% though

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It would depend upon what I’m saving them from.

And, if I get to come back in three days or not.

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Dynamicduo is right, you’re screwed either way. I would be the sacrifice in that case, because at least that way my having to die would be worth something.

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Of course I risk my life for others as a Firefighter. To save the whole world with my life would be a bargain.

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@ allure

good point. Even if the whole world would die except for me, I would get lonely :(. Definitely a yes wouldn’t see why not.

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Easily. Although some ideas of methods of torturous death might make me flinch.

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I plan to kill every one in the world to save it.
does that make me crazy?

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