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If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?

Asked by AshLeigh (16310points) June 17th, 2011

As asked.

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“You are aware that you’re a sick deluded fuck right?”
To Adolf “looney toon” Hitler ;¬}

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Hahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s hilarious. :)
Amazing answer. xD

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@AshLeigh Imagine the look on his face, he’d go purple & probably blow his daft little mustache off with rage XD

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Hahahahah. Picturing Hitler without the mustache: Priceless.

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Roger Patterson

“Was it just a man in a suit?”

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Jesus Christ. How’s heaven feel like?

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Pythagoras – “What’s with the triangles?”

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“Are you proud of me?” to my Dad who died when I was 18.

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Thomas Jefferson…“Now what?”

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My mother.

Have I disappointed you?

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I would ask this question to David Akeman, alias Stringbean (banjo player), on the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw shows, back in 1969. David and his wife ,were killed by burglars as they returned home. Thier home was in the Nashville area.

Question: “Stringbean, why did you not use a bank to house all your money, instead of stuffing money into your homes fireplace and other parts of your house?”

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Nikola Tesla, tell me everything you know, I’m recording it on this device for the future!

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I would like to have a face to face with David Cameron ( British Prime minister ) And ask him…. what the hell are you playing at, giving away billions of English pounds in Tax payers money to foreign aid when our own country is suffering the effects of extensive cuts to it’s public services, increased food & fuel prices coupled with a struggling NHS…….. The headlines in the papers ask “Does charity begin at home” I would really like to know where his loyalties truly ‘lie’.... Even if I have to beat it out of him :-/

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@Scooby Cameron can be found in the dictionary, just look under Dopey twat!

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I would ask Jesus, called the Christ, if it’s true that at the end of it all, we get to go home.

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So it is!!!! ;-)

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Lee Harvey Oswald:

Let’s hear your side of this.

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Or perhaps I would ask Obama why he hates me so.

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Do they have to tell the truth?

I would ask my father if I had ever done anything he was really, truly proud of and surprised by. No making stuff up just to be nice. Just gut feeling.

Naw. It wouldn’t matter. It’s my feeling. It may be a story I made up to justify my sense of self.

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To Einstein: “Will you tell me everything you know in a way that I can understand it?”

Obama told me to tell you he doesn’t hate you @CaptainHarley!

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To my painting, sculpting, protesting, jazz-playing, boat-making, pot-smoking, philanthropist, PFC USMCR Grandfather who I never got to meet:

“So… did I get this whole ADHD thing from you?”

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I’d ask someone from the past [ several centuries ago ] .. [ I won’t say who ] how does it feel to be loyal to the death [ and do all that you were told to ] .. [ and use retribution only when it was supposed to be used ] and be deceived and killed.

Not sure you’ll figure it out but in any case it’s not J.C. [ it was prior to him ]

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He does a damned fine imitation then! : /

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Hey Mary, your son Jesus looks like he could do with a little bro, wanna make one?

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Mr. Hoffa, where are you?

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I’d ask Abraham Lincoln what he thinks of Paris Hilton’s latest coiffure.

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I would ask my grandmother where is she right now… Is there life after death?

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I’d ask Lincoln how he liked the play.

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@filmfann That answer made my day.

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@Kayak8 I prefer your way of saying it, reminds me of the bit in The Sixth Sense at the end in the car that always has me balling my eyes out and my friends just don’t get why, I was 18 too btw

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On the morning of April 14, 1865, I would like to ask President Abraham Lincoln, “How about taking some security agents with you while you attend the special performance of the comedy, “Our American Cousin, this evening?”

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I would ask my dad, “Why, after mom died, did you start playing the guilt card on me about coming to visit? The two of you never, ever did that before. Why did you start?”

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Do they have to tell the truth? If so I would ask G.W. Bush or Obama (either one) “who are you really working for?”

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Personally, I’d love to ask that of every president since Lincoln!

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I’m not sure what question I’d ask; I’d have to give that some thought.

But I know for sure that I’d ask it of a live person, without a doubt. Dead men tell no tales – and they don’t answer questions.

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Yes, they have to tell the truth…

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I would ask God what he was thinking when He created me.

Or whoever or whatever it is that makes these sort of decisions.

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BATFE bully-boys aren’t noted for their perspecacity.

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I would ask Marilyn Monroe if I could see her naked.
Alive, I would ask LeBron James, if he really wanted to leave Cleveland.

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I second that Marilyn Monroe one. ;)

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I would ask John Lennon how he feels about the world today and if he thinks it’s worse or better than it was before he died. R.I.P. John <3

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I would ask Jesus if we are reincarnated from Heaven and Hell or if when we die we are finally forgiven and Rest in Peace.

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@gr8teful That one’s been answered.

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I’d like to ask Marilyn Monroe what really happened towards the end of her life.
Was JFK really as sexy as he was said to be?
Or was he just another powerful man who could have whatever/whoever he wanted . . .

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God “Hello”
Me “What the fucking hell were you tinking when you created me!?!?!?!?”
God: probable answer “I wanted to punish the world for it’s disbelief in me”
Me: “Oh….... time to get back to the purpose of my life!”

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Dad, you never made it to the age I am now, but in the last few years of your life—your late 40s and very early 50s—how did you feel and what did you think about?

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Interesting perspective as I answered this question when it was initially asked back in Jun 2011 when my Dad was still alive.
Now I would only want to ask my Dad anything.

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I would ask Jack the Ripper for his legal name.

But really, I would ask anybody who is dead if there is life after death.

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I would ask myself in the future, what cool stuff, cartoons, inventions and personal info from all timelines can you show me? (And no I wouldn’t ask for the lotto numbers)... If I can’t ask those questions then I would ask the person who invented the ability to talk to the dead how the machine is made so I can ask more questions at a later date.

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I would ask my dad why he doesn’t love me anymore.

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I would ask my mother “couldn’t you find a stable, mature man—one who stood on his own two feet—to marry?”

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“And you said that I would never play football in collage? Screw you!” To my father who died when I was 17

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