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Bowl Game Predictions?

Asked by RandomMrAdam (1645points) December 17th, 2008

I don’t know how many of you are college football fans out there, but I just wanted to see what people thought about the games coming up. A few I would like to get the opinion on is the [Florida vs Oklahoma], [Texas vs Ohio St.], and [Penn St. vs USC] games. Any predictions on the outcomes anyone?, whether it be win/loss opinion and also if you want to guess the spread.

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Oklahoma over Florida
OSU! all the way!
And I’d like to say Penn but I think USC will win it…

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I am an OSU fan myself, and I hope we can pull this game off, however I’m a bit nervous about the match-up. I do agree with the Penn St. vs USC opinion you have. Penn has a solid team, but USC seems to have a more explosive offense that might halt Penn St. to a stop. Between Oklahoma and Florida, I WANT Oklahoma to win, I dislike Teebow and the rest of the Gators with a passion. Is it me, or does Teebow seems like a bit of a tool?

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Florida over OU
Texas over OSU
USC over PSU
per Tebow: Coming from a Volunteer fan, everybody in the SEC despises Tebow…but can’t stop him. He is a tool, but also an excellent ball player

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Florida, a very angry Texas and USC

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All that matters is that USC wins!

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Yeah Tebow is a douche sandwich! but he’s good…
I think Oklahomas defense will put a stop to Florida though

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Bowl Game Predictions?
What game?
Which teams?
I can tell you the score before the game starts….

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@ boffin did you read the question?

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Huskie and Cougars tied! Oh wait neither won any games all season. Well neither of them then.

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I’m going with Florida over OU, (heisman’s curse probably in effect)
I want OSU to win against Texas, but I think Texas will win since they’re out to prove something
and USC will probably run all over PSU

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Yes I read the question…
Problem, nobody bit on my answer.….

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ahh ok so you want us to ask you for your prediction?

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I thought RandomMradam already asked him….

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this is a good question and I will be back either tonight or tomorrow with all of my picks.

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Only ask if you want the (obvious) answer…..

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ok then, i’ll bite, what’s the obvious answer?

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Remember the original post…
“I can tell you the score before the game starts….”
Now for the groans…
Before any game starts the score is 0–0

This lame joke is probably as old as I am…..

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where is that negative lurve button at….

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@ boffin ah haha… good one… :)

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