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Why doesn't Johnny Depp like to watch his own movies?

Asked by bacnaib (29points) December 17th, 2008

I heard that on a biography show a long time ago and was wondering if he can stll resist to watch his great blockbusters!

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I’ve heard other actors say this, too. I guess it would be kind of surreal to see your face, fifty feet tall : )

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Whenever I make films or voiceact for animations I don’t like to watch the stuff I do. It just seems weird. It’s hard to imagine yourself as the character when you were the one playing the character. I know that’s kind of hard to understand, but for me at least that’s how it is.

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In the same vein, I don’t like listening to my own music. Sometimes I’ll listen to it critically when I’m alone. Otherwise, it’s just weird.

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I do the same thing when it comes to some of my music as well. As for my artwork though I don’t mind viewing it every once and awhile. For me my artwork is different than my music or films.

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@hypeserver, I agree, I like my artwork and written word, but I get a little creeped out listening to my music or even viewing photos of myself.

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I love myself but I can’t watch myself beat it because it’s like watching God create the world…

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i think a lot of artists have an exact idea of what it is they want to create – it’s hard to see the actuality of the creation because it rarely turns out as perfectly. i might be projecting, but i’m assuming it’s hard for johnny depp not so much to look at himself as to watch his work that is presented as a finished piece and not concentrate on every single thing he could’ve/should’ve done.

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If it were me, I would know I was just pretending in front of the cameras and I would feel like an idiot watching myself…not be myself. You know how when you do something that you never do, or have never done before, and it just makes you feel really uncomfortable and you’re like ‘why the eff am i doing this’? It’s like that because you’re watching your body and voice doing such crazy things (crazy things as in what’s totally different from who you are). Basically, it’s just creepy lol

If you’ve ever seen There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t watch himself either. All the creepiness of watching yourself makes sense after seeing how he acts in that movie lol.

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Andrew is an actor. You could ask him if he watches the shows he’s been in and why or why not.

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While his performances are usually excellent, many of his movies are not. The quality of the movie itself is out of his hands, in the hands of the director, editor and scriptwriter. Gotta be frustrating…

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steelmarket Most actors do know if their work is bad, but that (at least for me) is not the main reason why I don’t watch my videos. Like anyone else actors can deal with disappoint about how things turn out.

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@hype – I understand. My personal experience with actors is limited to a couple of guys I know who do commercials.

I have heard them complain that “they didn’t use the take that I thought was my best”.

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I can imagine there’d be many reasons why
an artist wouldn’t want to experience their work
from the perspective of an end consumer.

In this particular instance, I think it would
create some kind of overly self-aware,
yet disengaged, perpetual feedback loop.

Better to merely exist in the skin of your character methinks.

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Some guys are too much/highly critical of themselves, I guess Johnny Depp don’t appreciate much his own acting. So he likes to avoid watching it.

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