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That really blanks my blank!

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) December 18th, 2008

This question where aanuszek1 describes something that “grinds my gears” made me wonder, what is your favorite of those types of sayings? For me it is a toss up between that really steams my bean and that really eats my lunch.

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These will all invariably sound like sexual euphemisms. Especially the two you mentioned!

even “push my buttons” can sound sexy if you say it right.

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That really cooks my bacon!

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That just shears my sheep!

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That really floats my boat. More positive then negative.

That really clogs my toilet. Much more negative.

That really shivers my timber. Much more dirty. instead of shivers you can use tickles and substitute another t word for timber to make it more female freindly

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Boils my cabbage.

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Bursts my bubble.

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I’ve used Burns my Bagel here on Fluther.

I’ll also say: Don’t Butter my Bread = Kiss my ass

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That really tickles my tuna!

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Your answers all just “take the cake”!

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Very good SoapChef!

I love these. Lots of food references.

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Well, gosh, that just jiggles my giblets.

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@ tonedef There you go with the sexual innuendos again!
@empress Asexual, really? ;0)

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@soap, what can I say? Colloquial consonance turns me on. It (as Dan Savage would say), turns my crank.

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That really frosts my patoot!

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That really entertains my brain.
That really makes me angry.

Wait what?

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@ tonedef Hah! Lurve for quoting Dan Savage!

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How about, that really “frosts my cupcake”?

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That really rots my socks.

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That really jingles my bells?

Lets get everyone into the holiday spirit!

oh wow, that really DID sound like an innuendo, didn’t it?

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rips my gizzard…..

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that really chafes my thighs.

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@ MrMontpetit They make a cream for that. ;0)

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Mmmm….C U P C A K E S

Hmm, oh…what? Sorry. I’m back now

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turns my stomach
yanks my chain
grates my teeth
lightens my step
scratches my itch
lights my eyes
soothes my skin
bites my ass
rings my bell

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That really Flusters my Fluther.

I’ve never used it – but maybe we should.

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Well that just ‘pops my cherry’! stop it

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tosses my salad

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@SoapChef: You can only use that one once. And you should really save it for someone special.

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I had a science teacher in 6th grade, in the middle of screaming at a student, yell: “THAT REALLY FROSTS MY COOKIES!!” and I started cracking up and giggled for the rest of the period.

I got in trouble. :(

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@cprevite That train has long since pulled out of the depot! :0)

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Whatever tutes your flute

it could be sexual

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That really butters my PANCAKE.

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poof took mine. That really frosts my cookies!! That put icing on the cake of my day!

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That really chaps my ass

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