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Can an iPhone 'catch' a virus from an infected computer when docked?

Asked by Nimis (13194points) December 18th, 2008 from iPhone

My computer is down because of some virus.
My iPhone is low on batteries and I can’t find my charger.
I’m going to go with ‘no’, but seeing as how this may be my only means of getting on the Internet gasp for at least the next few hours, I thought I’d better double check. Should be good if I don’t sync it, right? Right?

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You’ll be fine. There’s virtually no viruses made for portable media players, but just to be safe, don’t upload any of those porn videos onto it.

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Funny guy, Eambos. Funny guy.
Thanks. Phew!

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No chance. The OS for your iPhone is different from that of your computers, so there is no need to worry.

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Hadn’t considered that viruses would be OS specific. Seems obvious. Thanks for pointing that out.

I kind of feel like I just asked:
Can my dog catch my cold?
Blonde moment confirmed.

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It happens.

That’s the same reason Macs don’t get viruses like Windows PCs do, even though more are being written than ever.

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I lol’d at the tags.

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I LOL’d at the tags too!

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