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If in a million years, when all humans are extinct and aliens dicover earth, and they're looking through all the rubble, what do you think they will conclude about humans?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) December 18th, 2008

In archaeology, there’s always a huge chance that you’re taking things out of context and that you are all wrong, so what if aliens were digging up our shit and found all this crap. would they find that we are what we think we are, or something completely different, like the global warming that killed us all off was from some cosmic anomaly and that we didn’t actually cause it, which we know is false, or something like that.

On a more personal note, if aliens were looking at your personal possessions and had to draw conclusions about your life, how would they see it?

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A sad and lost species with no real direction. Unless they find a little android child in the ice off the coast of New York, then they could see we are not only sad but also violent and self-destructive.

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If they were looking at my personal possessions they would conclude that we all died in 1998. (That is the expiration date on the condom in my wallet)

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I can beat that JP and I’m married. Or lets say a female lives in the house with me. If not for my labs Huckleberry and Finneghan, I would have no one to spend time with!

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How about phrasing it differently.

IF we’re extinct.

They would think I was a four year old child who painted well above her years and really liked Moroccan bedding. They might also think I was mentally ill if they looked at my cd collection. Or my 4’x4’ cork board that has no to-do list in sight but instead is packed full of doodles drawn on napkins, brochures, post its, and copy paper.

I’m sure they’d think my house was a mental health facility.

Did I mention my closet doors are covered in black and white pictures of frogs dressed as people?

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Maybe that we didn’t know when to say “enough”.

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“Wow, these things had an insane obsession with their dicks, didn’t they?”

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“idiots, all of them.”

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@asmonet: REALLY???? black and white dressed frogs???

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I think it might go a little something like this.

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How do they get the clothes on the frogs and where do you buy frog clothes or do you make them?

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”... What the heck? Ipod? What’s this thing for?”

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Judging by the shear number of electronics, they’d probably conclude that we were all ‘bionic’.

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I think they’ll notice that we had a lot of stuff; that we’re clutter-y.

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@cd: I found a bunch of calendars in a gutter when I was all poor and living in Florida, they were in perfect condition so I cut them up and made a wall o’ froggie. :)

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“These guys sure liked styrofoam cups!!!”

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I hope they find slap-on bracelets and cut their version of a wrist.

Like I did on all those fucking things as a kid.

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