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Does anyone know where I can find some gif icons?

Asked by chelseababyy (7934points) December 19th, 2008

They have to be 16×16 though. Thank you!

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Don’t you think I tried that already?

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Well, perhaps you could supply a bit more information about exactly what kind of icons you’re looking for.

“Cute” and “avatar” and possibly “computers” were all I had to go on. And the sites that Google returns are that indeed.

So… whatcha lookin’ for?

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The Silk icon kit by Mark James has a buhzillion 16×16px icons in it, free for use in whatever.

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have you tried this ?

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Oh dear, Yahoo? Who uses Yahoo?

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I dont have a google toolbar on firefox

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This website has tons of free 16×16 GIF’s
hope they come in handy

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