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What is the rationale behind Fluther's odd avatar (icon) sizes?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 3rd, 2010

Common use icons come in dimensions of 40×40 pixels, profile avatars 200×200. It’s difficult to find an image that looks decent in both sizes. Also, the 40×40 icons are so small, its sometimes hard to tell what the image is.

So, how are Fluther’s current avatar sizes practical? How are they beneficial? And why are the current sizes in place?

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Quality over quantity size doesn’t matter.

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For a long time, the avatars were only 40×40, even on our profile pages. Recently, the Fluther gods enlarged the avatars on our profile pages so we can all get a better look at each other’s avatars, since it is sometimes difficult to tell what they are. Personally, I like the upgrade to the larger avatars. I was amazed at how many avatars I had the wrong impression of until I saw them enlarged.

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I like them. They retain the elegance of the site, but you can see the larger one in the profile if you’re curious.

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I like them too! Some users hide messages in them that you can only see when looking at the profile.

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You can make them bigger.

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@johnpowell Damnit, you let my secret out!

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@johnpowell I’ll never be able to go again now!

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I still want the avatars in the posts to be a little bigger…50×50 or 60×60 or even 90×90. Just bigger, but not as big as they are in the profile. I do find that some of my images only look good big.

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I think the smaller ones next to each question make it easier to identify a user quickly. I typically don’t read the name of the answerer, but glance at the avatar instead.
If I’m interested in what the picture is then I can go to their profile and see it larger either to make out certain details or find out what it is exactly.
If I’m really interested, or I still can’t see it very well then I can make it even bigger using @johnpowell‘s method of removing the “_thumb” in the image URL (or by using @phoenyx’s cool tool).

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@ucme but isn’t quality on the 20×20 images debatable?

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We asked for bigger avatars and we got them. What’s not to like?

Of course, my avatar looks fuzzy in the larger size, but I attribute at least some of that to the fact that she is covered in fur.

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I just wish you could smell my Avatar.

It is so yummy.

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I’m not 100 percent sure on this, but the icons look good on both the main browser-based (PC) site, and the mobile (iPhone) site. Perhaps those dimensions size well for both?

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