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Wacom lagging?

Asked by delirium (13718points) December 20th, 2008

It has NEVER done this before, but has kept it up for a few days. It’s seriously freaking me out.
Do drivers need to be updated? Can things change without me touching it?

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usually whenever my wacom is lagging really bad, I check to see if my double-click assist is on and if there’s any new updates that need to be installed…. that’s all i can think of right now

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I would look to see if any processes are using up an unnatural amount or CPU cycles which might be causing other processes to lag. If an errant process is using 80% or more for an extended period, you might need to quit or force quit that process.

If you’re using a Mac, you can open the Activity Monitor in your Utilities folder. Choose “All Processes” from the Show menu, and then click CPU to sort by CPU usage. You might also find it useful to choose from the View Menu>Dock Icon>Show CPU History. That will place a graph in your dock that shows real-time CPU usage. If it continually fills up, you may need to have fewer apps open at once. It can also help you determine when a process has gone bad and is claiming too many CPU cycles.

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Try disabling your internet connection, reboot, and see if this fixes the lag. Performing the checks recommended by @simple will also show you if something is hogging resources or (heaven forbid) pushing some unwanted traffic through your web connection.

BTW, I just bought a little Bamboo pad, can’t wait to install it. It should be great for Photoshop and Corel.

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Some things in general that might help: restart your computer, it will free up any used resources. Quit all other apps. If you are on an Intel Mac, make sure no PowerPC processes are running (see simpleD’s reply above).

I found a Dashboard widget that seemed to be choking my Mac slowly over time (I believe the programmers calls this a “memory leak”). It was also a PowerPC app running on my Intel Mac.

I also recently cleaned up bizarre problems on my Mac by making sure I had all the required System & User fonts activated (I had somehow deactivated some of them).

You can see what fonts are required for 10.4 here: and for 10.5 here:

Also, running the Keychain Repair Utility in the OS X Keychains utility found some errors that I think were slowing down my machine during MobileMe syncs.

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Have you tried turning off and on again? If not, drivers are always a good bet.

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