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Which Wacom tablet would be best to use for my major?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) September 22nd, 2011

I’m majoring in Communication & Multimedia Design, where it’s about designing stuff on photoshop and illustrator etc.

About two years ago I bought a drawing tablet form Wacom but my mom is using that now as a writing tablet so now I’m thinking of buying a new one. But I don’t know which Wacom tablet I should buy and which one would be the best one to use now.

I saw the new product of theirs, Inkling, that would definitely be something I would use because I like to sketch/draw on paper often and it’s easier to use than a tablet but if I can’t buy that one, which other would be good?

Which Wacom tablet would you recommend to me?

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I use a Bamboo, medium sized. It is accurate and has a good feel to it. Its pen does not have felt tips and other extravaganzas the more expensive models have, but I do not think you need them.
The tips do wear out quickly though.
It cost me 160€.
The main problem I see with the “Inkling” is that it seems to be just accurate enough for sketches, so if you want to refine it later on your PC, you will need a proper tablet anyway.

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I have been wanting a Cintiq for a long time. I had a Bamboo that I gave to Dog since I hadn’t used it in a year and she would use it.

It really depends on what you want to spend.

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Bamboo should do the trick. Unless you work at Pixar or something, I’m not sure you would need the 400$ mega sized ones to be honest. As you are merely completing what your professors want to get across to you, in correlation to design as a theory and applied arts.:D

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@ragingloli @dreamwolf Which Bamboo version should I use? Like the pen, pen & touch, fun or craft?

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The Fun is at a reasonable price! 200$, I’d check up on it at Craigslist, I got mines for 90 bucks on CraigsList. haha, but honestly my buddy who graduated sdsu with multimedia was a pentool master. but he now uses the “small” pen and does fine. If you’re well off I think investing in the 400 would be ideal. But for learning purposes small, medium does fine.

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You can do most anything you normally want to do on a Bamboo. I personally shelled out the extra money and bought an Intuos, but for a student a Bamboo is great. They also just released a few new models a couple weeks ago.

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